January 11th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Anyone remember Horlick's candy?

They were chocolate malt tablets in the 70's or early 80's? I miss them! :( I went to the market today with Mark and he told me there was a new candy called Koala Malts that were supposed to be just like them... Well, we bought some and... they just didn't cut it! :( I want my Horlick tablets in those small glass jars back! :(

I'm back to my salad-a-day diet again. Whenever I go on trips I have this need to lose weight - unfortunately the urge to do this usually hits me a week or so before I leave and there's not much weight I can lose in a week. :P

Ticketmaster sent me a reminder email to see "Millie" on the 16th. Like I could forget! ;) It's all I've been able to think about for the past couple of days. :) I think it's neat that they send them, though - with the outrageous $6.75 service fees we're paying per ticket, they should send us a reminder, darn it! Sorry, can you tell I'm not a ticketmaster fan? ;)

And because I feel brave today..
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Sydney's been trying to sniff my hair ever since I got home from the hairdresser. Yesterday she would come over to sniff it and then sneeze every time she did (guess the dye has a bit of a strong smell sometimes). It was just cute because she kept doing it... one would think that she'd learn her lesson after the first time. :)

And I got my "Wicked" tickets in the mail today! :) I'm so excited! I can't think of a show that I want to see more on Broadway than that right now. Idina is a belting goddess! :)
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Doug & Sheri

And because it's already January 12th where she lives...

...I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish sabine10 a very happy birthday today! You've been a wonderful friend to me this past year and I wish you a wonderful day filled with nice weather, long relaxing walks with Lauser, and special memories! Big *HUGS*

Happy Birthday, Sabine!! Hope your day is wonderful!! Big *HUGS* to you and a special one for Lauser too! :)