January 23rd, 2004

Doug & Sheri

And I just asked him about this last weekend...

...thanks to Lauren, I just found out that Kevin is going to be at Winterfest 2004 Sponsored by Broadway.Com next Thursday! Bah! I was there on the wrong weekend! I asked him if he was going to do it weeks before when I saw it on Broadway.Com, but back then he didn't even know what it was. I saw him last weekend and he mentioned it, but said he didn't know if he'd do it. I guess he is! Woo hoo! Too bad I picked the weekend before to be in the city! :(

In non-Kevin news, I think that I'm finally beginning to like my new job. The others in the office are WONDERFUL to work with and the atmosphere is really a great one. I finally feel as though I'm at least contributing something to their team (the view of someone who's been on the other side - in the field) and I think that's what made my first few days seem so grim (I didn't feel useful at all). The only problem is that they still have to find a position for me up there and I have 90 days to prove my worth so they can go to upper management to justify a new position for me.

I spoke with my boss today about the chances of a new position there and she honestly couldn't tell me if she thought they could afford one. She said if it were up to her and the rest of the staff they'd want me there, but upper management only sees the bottom line. :( It figures that I'd get to like my new job and they'd tell me there was no place for me. :P I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

The Acura girl didn't call me back with an estimate and I'm sort of worried about how much this will be costing me (especially after reading Tom's horror story). :P I know it was my fault and I feel bad, but I hope that this girl is decent and fair and doesn't try to take advantage of me in this situation. :P

Lastly, I really miss LA theatre! :( "Last 5 Years" will be closing (if it hasn't already) at Laguna Playhouse... "Clutter" opens soon at the Colony, "1776" at Performance Riverside... I love that Kevin's doing so well in NYC, but I'd want him back in LA... for purely selfish reasons. :P How horrible of me, huh? :P And when I talked with him last weekend he made it clear that he was going to try to make it work in NYC even after his "Millie" days are over. Talk about your mixed emotions! :P
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