January 24th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Oh how I missed...

...Japanese food! I know I haven't been gone all that long (four days at the most), but it feels like such a long time since I've eaten really good Japanese food so Mark & I had to head down to Gyotaku today and use a GC that his parents gave us for Christmas. I had misoyaki butterfish with vegetable tempura, miso soup, steaming hot rice, and tsukemono... YUMMY! I think it's one reason I could never live on the mainland - I'd miss the local food too much!

On our way back, Mark & I stopped by the factory outlets at Waikele to look for a winter coat for Mark. He had seen one that was very similar to the one I got at Banana Republic that he liked, but he stalled too long deciding if he wanted to get it and they were out of stock when we checked today. :( He's not too worried though since he'll probably be using his father's coat in February.

Speaking of which, we have to make arrangements for Sydney to be boarded at our vet's office for our February trip. :( Mark's parents usually watch her while we travel, but they'll be on a trip to Palm Springs that weekend too. I worry about leaving Sydney - she doesn't do well with other dogs around. :( The last time she had to stay at the vet's she stood up the entire night! Talk about your complexes! :( I just hope she'll be okay.

As a little side note: After reading Sabine's post tonight I had to go and HUG Sydney! :( Of course, Sydney wasn't very happy about it and would've rather had me throw her toys for her to fetch, but I didn't care - we came so close to losing her last year that whenever anyone talks about a pet being ill I just feel so thankful that we still have her in our lives.

The rest of my day was spent doing this. At least I feel a little more productive than I have been the past few months. :( I've been so apathetic recently... Now if I can just get activity on the message board up, I'll be happy. :)

And CTA emailed me about my next class that I'm supposed to take in March. I'm not sure if my new boss will let me take off an entire week off so soon after I've started. :P My other vacations were already planned and approved before I got there, but this one I'd have to ask for and I'm not too sure how well it'll go over with her. :P I do have a little bit of time to gather my courage to ask, though. ;)

And lastly, I can't seem to get the words and songs from "Millie" out of my head recently. :P Various lyrics and specific moments in the show pop into my head at the weirdest times. :P Serves me right for seeing it so often... After the Feb trip that Mark & I will take, "Millie" will become the show that I've seen the most in my life. :P BTW, I'm so ready to see "Side Show" again (that held the record with me for a while) - I miss the Colony cast! :(
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