January 29th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Finally an end to this Acura nightmare...

I called my insurance company first thing this morning, fully expecting them to be rude and nasty to me because I didn't know how to go about reporting a claim. To my surprise they were friendly and helpful and were really great with customer service.

They admitted that they thought the estimate the Acura girl gave me was a bit high and told me that they'd contact her to go to one of their approved autobody shops. They said IF the damage costs less than $1000, they wouldn't raise my premiums since it was my first accident. If it does cost more than a $1,000 (and remember the Acura girl quoted me $1,053.00) then it'll be counted against me the next time my policy comes up for renewal. :P What I'm really glad about is that they're handling it from here on out - I don't have to worry about it anymore. For that, I'm very thankful. :) I'm just so glad this is all over!

And a short Kevin note - read this on a theatre board about his interview tonight at Planet Hollywood:

"Next up was Kevin Earley, now in Millie, who told of some Les Miz turntable mishaps on the road, and then did a wonderful rendition of what I call the dictation number (the floor wax complaint letter) from Millie. Lovely, easy-going nature."

*SIGH* I wish I was there! :( I know this is just the beginning of things that he'll do that I won't be able to attend and I should get used to it, but it's just hard for me. Glad he's getting more exposure, though! :) I want him to become hugely successful in NYC. I just wish I could enjoy these moments in person at times like this, though. :(

And lastly, one of my co-workers got an attractive offer to work for our competition across the street. He's considering taking it (which would be good for him, but sad for us). :( I'll totally miss his humor around the office if he leaves. :( I think we'll all find out whether he's leaving tomorrow.

And it's my first TV free day since I started watching AI. I realize that the reason I can't get in to watching these kind of shows is that I never get anything done with the TV on - I'd better just stick to "Line of Fire" on Tuesday nights or I'd never update my sites anymore. :P
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