February 6th, 2004

Sydney - couch

A really nice & bad day all rolled into one. :P

I'll start off with the bad since it was one of the first things that started off my morning. :P

Apparently my Acura nightmares are not over. :( I got a call from my insurance company and they told me the damages for the girl's car came out to $685.92 (a FAR cry from the $1,053.00 she quoted me before the insurance company got involved!) :P But the lady from the insurance company went on to say that the girl is now claiming personal injury. . . *STUNNED* . . . I barely tapped her bumper - how could she have gotten injured? Her car has an air bag and the accident was so mild that it didn't even deploy... :( I can't believe how some people try to get everything they can out of a situation at someone else's expense! :( This is the horror story that will never end for me! :(

After the call this morning, I was feeling so depressed that I ate two donuts. :( (I'm an emotional eater). :P Which, it turns out, was a bad idea since there was a surprise awaiting me at lunch. Yesterday one of my co-workers kept talking about how much she was craving Hawaiian food and then we got into a huge discussion about it, what we all liked, didn't like, etc. Not too odd...

Then today, out of the blue, my boss comes back from "an outside appointment" with tons of bags, etc. I was totally shocked to find out that all the food and whispering earlier was for me - for my birthday last week! :) They somehow found out that my birthday was last week (I don't know how - I don't tell anyone when it is!) and planned to buy Hawaiian plates for lunch and a cake to celebrate. It was SO thoughtful of them! I was so touched that they would do something so sweet for me since I've only been working there for a month. After the absolutely horrendous morning that I had, it was such a needed boost. They're just terrific! :)