February 8th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Too much food, "The Dog", "MASH", and AI... :P

Last night my Mom took us to Hanaki in Manoa Marketplace for dinner for my birthday (the celebratory eating continues) :P The food was SO good, though! Shrimp tempura (all you can eat), misoyaki butterfish, sushi galore, snow crab, and shaved ice for dessert. It was all so delicious, except now Mark and I are SO stuffed we may end up not eating at all today. :P

After dinner we stopped by a cute little trinket shop next door that sold "The Dog" merchandise. We were pretty excited since we've been trying to order items off the internet, but they don't ship anything to Hawaii! :( Unfortunately they didn't have any Sheltie items. :(

Most of my morning yesterday was spent cleaning up the house and puttering around with my web sites. Spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening watching the fourth season of "MASH" on DVD. I used the Suncoast GC my friend from CA got me for my birthday... It starts off with one of my favorite episodes "Welcome to Korea" - the very first episode that features BJ. "MASH" is my all time favorite TV show - I grew up watching the reruns and my father and I would always make it a point to sit in front of the TV each night to see it. BJ Hunnicutt was my first TV crush - when I was 10 I was convinced I would marry a man just like him when I grew up. :) So much time has passed since I've seen these episodes, but they still have the humor and the poignancy that I remember - and I still think it's one of the greatest shows ever.

And my work place is starting an American Idol pool of sorts. We each need to pick before Monday night the people who we think will be in the top 12 and the person who guesses the most correct will win. :) I already have my 12 picked out. :) And to think, I didn't even know the joys of AI three weeks ago! :D

I'm off to Waikele to do a little clothes shopping with Mark (he needs to buy a few things for our trip this coming weekend). And I'm ALWAYS up for shopping! :)