February 21st, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Decided to invest the money...

...in a paid LJ account. :) I've been going off and on paid status for a while now, but I took the plunge and paid for a full year. :) After that, I made a few new icons (only one of which I've uploaded above) It's my Kate Monster icon - a tribute to my new favorite Broadway show "Avenue Q". She and I are a lot alike - to think that the broadway character that I identify with the most is a puppet. ;)

What I really should've been doing today is studying for my Series 7 licensing exam which I will need to take AND pass if I want to be considered for the promotion. I got through seven chapters this morning - but then my mind started wandering when I got to the options and margins sections and I had to stop. I took the exam once before (about two years ago) and got a 69% (I need a 70% to pass). :P It's an EIGHT hour exam and one that I'm NOT looking forward to having to re-take. :P If I'm not online as much as I used to be it's probably because I'm studying for it. :P

In other news - Sydney has been acting strange lately and we think it has to do with boarding her last weekend. She was very happy to come home when we picked her up from the vet and very affectionate. Then as the days wore on, she became hard to deal with (she peed twice on the carpet and ate through Mark's bag of snacks from the trip while we were at work.) I think she's showing her displeasure at us leaving her with strangers... She seems to be doing fine now and back to her normal self. We'll definitely have to think twice about putting her in boarding next time!

And I got the "Avenue Q" cast recording! :) I've been listening to (what I call) "It Sucks to Be Me" and "For Now" on an almost constant basis in my car. I'm so addicted to that show! :) It's the most hilarious thing ever! :) I have to remember to watch Hollywood Squares in April to see John Tartaglia *SIGH* and Rod! I just hope that it'll be shown here - sometimes "syndication" is synonymous with "not in Hawaii" :(

Oh well, back to options and margins! :P