February 27th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Yay for payday coming early this month!

My only problem is, I've already spent it all... :P

The surprise party we had for my boss was wonderful. She had no idea that we planned anything and even though we ran into a few snags (my co-worker getting stuck in 2 hr long traffic because of the nasty rain to pick up the food) she was really touched that we'd all do something for her. We gave her a joint gift, but then decided to all write our own separate cards with our own heartfelt messages to her and it was so touching because she started to cry when she read them!

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On an awful and ridiculous note, the weather was so bad here that it took me 2 1/2 hours to drive home (usually a 1/2 hour commute). :P The ONE ROAD (which is only two lanes to begin with) to our house was closed due to flooding and fallen trees so I had to drive 10 extra miles to the next exit and drive through a military base to get home. FUN, fun, fun...

At least we were fortunate enough to still have power when we got home *knocks wood as I type*... My Mom is SO funny - she's the typical Japanese Mom... When she heard that there was a storm coming that could potentially knock out the power, what do you think was the first thing she did? She cooked rice! I kid you not... the woman is hilarious! :D

And I made a few more Avenue Q icons including the "John & Rod" one I'm using above. :) I adore John Tartaglia!!