February 28th, 2004

Stephanie & Kate Monster

I had a hard time...

...trying to figure out which way Sydney was sleeping this morning. When I woke up, all I could see was a fuzzy ball of fur next to me. She must've been cold in all of this stormy weather because she was curled up so tightly it took me a while to figure out where her head was. :P Poor dog must've been freezing...though I have to say that she looked adorable all curled up like that! :)

I wanted to thank all of you who posted your photos in my last post. It's fun getting to put faces with LJ names. :) I know some of you would rather remain anonymous and I totally understand and respect that as well. :)

Finished five chapters of my Series 7 Exam. Got so disgusted that I had to go downstairs to bother Mark. He knew when I came down that I had an "I'm bored" look on my face. He dreads that look because it means that I want to go somewhere and he's such a homebody - he'd sit in the house all day every day if he could. :P So we went out to eat and it was the perfect break I needed from studying.

Unfortunately when I came home, I was too wrapped up in LJ, and theatre MBs to go back to studying - and now it's 9:30pm and I've just been procrastinating the last few hours away. :P I just wish I could schedule my exam so it could be over with! :P

In theatre news, Christopher Sieber (be still my heart) is going to join the cast of "Chicago" in March as Billy Flynn. :) He might be the only one who could lure me back to see that show (I'm sorry but I didn't care much for it when I saw it last year...)

And finally, I wanted to welcome chateaumystique to my friends' list. :)
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