February 29th, 2004

Sydney - happy

How about your pets?

I had such fun seeing all of your photos that you all posted in my previous entry (thanks again to all who participated - you're the best!) :) Which got me thinking (and that's always a scary thing)... I know I have a lot of animal lovers / pet lovers on my friends' list and it'd be wonderful to see photos of your dear furry babies. :)

So, seeing as how I'm trying to avoid studying, please post a photo of your furry baby in the comment section of this post. :) I'd love to see the animals who've won over your hearts. :)

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Side Show


...I guess I wasn't fast enough... Nick DeGruccio has his own website. He must've just put it up recently because I always look for news on the net about him and I hadn't seen it before now. I like it, but I had been toying around with an unofficial site for him for a while now and I guess now I have to scratch my plans for it. :(

Speaking of websites, I've been working on a new look for Misty's site this evening. So far all I've been able to come up with was this - which still looks too much like her current home page. :( Right now the links still go back to the old pages (which is why the counter is still pink) :P - and I haven't been able to come up with anything that I really like. I think I'll have to work on it more when I'm feeling a bit more creative, right now my senses are completely dulled by all my studying. :P

All this Nick and Misty talk just reminds me how much I miss LA Theatre!! :( *SIGH*

I wanted to thank you all for posting the cute photos of your furry babies in my last post! They were all so adorable that I'm going to have to save it to my memories. :)

And I completely missed watching the Oscars tonight... For some reason it didn't really interest me and I kept meaning to turn the TV on, but I never got around to it. I think the only award show that I'll be glued to the TV for is the Tonys in June. I don't think I even watched any of the nominated films this year. :(

For some reason this weekend seemed awfully short. I'm not sure if it's because every free moment of mine was spent studying work related things or if it's just because I'm still not fully recovered from my recent NYC trip (the older I get the harder it is for me to travel the way I have been.) :P Blech!

Hope you all have a nice start to your week!
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