March 11th, 2004

Doug & Sheri


It's finally Friday tomorrow! This has got to be the longest work week in the history of my life! Not only did I think that it was Thursday yesterday, but my boss did too. Yesterday as we were leaving she reminded us "Casual day tomorrow!" - too bad she meant Friday! :P I REALLY, really need this weekend!

Surprisingly, even though I was practically dead every day after work this week, I still managed to drag myself to Curves three times. I find that no matter how tired and worn out I am, exercising often gives me more energy and actually relieves a lot of my work stress. :) Sometimes just the thought of going to the gym after an awful day is really daunting, but once I get there, I really end up enjoying myself. :) If I can keep up my schedule of going there four times a week, I'll be thrilled. :)

I got the sweetest email from Julie Ann's cousin today. :) I really like her - she found my website for Julie a while back and has been its biggest supporter for a long time. Which reminds me - I miss "Line of Fire"! I wish ABC would bring it back! :( I was getting too used to seeing Julie on my TV every Tuesday night! :(

And I don't know but I feel compelled to go to NYC in May. I don't know if it's because of "Assassins" or because some of my friends will be in town that weekend (and I want to try to see if one of them might need a roommate to cut down on hotel costs). But I know that I'll probably be spending a lot of my time seeing shows that my friends DON'T want to see (and they'll be spending a lot of their time doing Chad related things) - I'm just not used to doing things alone in the city. Anyone want to meet up for a showing of "Avenue Q", "Fiddler", or "Assassins" that weekend?

*SIGH* Back to studying for me! :P Hope you all have a nice evening!
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