March 12th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Too much pizza and I took a leap of faith...

I'm totally up to my ears in pizza! :P Our boss from our mainland home office was visiting us this week and was nice enough to buy us pizza for lunch as a thank you. Even though he was the compliance guy, he ended up having a really great sense of humor and seemed to fit in really well with the back office staff. ;) We wished he could stay a little longer so we could try to get him to eat something strange like raw fish or li hing mui. ;) My boss ended up making me take home the left over pizza (since no one else wanted it and against all of my protests) so now it looks like the Pizza Hut lunch buffet inside my fridge. ;)

I took a HUGE leap of faith and bought a ticket to see "Assassins" in May. I know that my May trip is still sort of tentative, but it's one of my all time favorite shows - I've only seen it once in LA and not fully staged - if I missed it I would be heartbroken. I think there are only a few shows that I'd travel anywhere to see: "Assassins", "1776", "Side Show", and "Fuddy Meers". And though I love "Millie", I think that I probably wouldn't have seen it as many times as I did if it wasn't for the "Kevin factor". ;)

And we've started another "American Idol" contest at work. We have to pick the five that we think will be the last five in the competition. It was hard making my selection since I didn't know if I should pick who I wanted to see there or who I thought would be there. My picks ended up being: Fantasia, Jasmine, Diana, Amy, and George. The last contest we had (for the top 12), I split the prize with my co-worker. This time around he's very competitive and wants to win it all. I'm usually not a competitive person at all, but hearing his taunting all day long has made me want to win this one outright! ;)

I have a long weekend of studying ahead... Maybe a trip to Costco - who knows? All I know is that I'll probably be pretty sick of pizza when the weekend's finally over! :P
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Nick DeGruccio


Just read the sweetest interview with Nick DeGruccio ever!

My favorite part?

Interviewer: Your epitaph reads "Nick DeGruccio only desired one thing from life. To..."

Nick: Touch people's hearts.

AWWW! I love him! Isn't he the sweetest?

I wish I could go back a year or so in time and see him in "Fuddy Meers" again. Something tells me that with his recent directing success, he probably won't have the time to appear in productions anymore.

Now I MUST find the episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" that he's in. :)
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