March 21st, 2004

Sydney - couch

Feeling a little under the weather. :P

UGH... I can't believe that I slept for most of the day today! Mark & I went to the market and then I came home to study and... all of a sudden it was four hours later! :P Sydney must've been happy, though because she had a nap buddy. :) When I woke up, she was sleeping very happily, curled up under my arm. :) I'm just upset because of all that time that I wasted when I could've been studying. :P And I feel like I'm on the verge of getting sick. :P That would be horrible especially with everything coming up at work (but would make sense - since I somehow always manage to pick the WORST times to get sick). :P

It's been forever since my friend Susan and I have had dinner together (we usually go once a month - but both she and I have been SO busy!) Her wedding is coming up on June 12th and she's already getting ready to send out invitations. :) I've been trying to think of a nice place to have her bridal shower, and some nice favor / prizes to make for the guests. :) I think once my exam is over I can concentrate on planning the shower a bit more - only two more weeks until I'm free!! :)

Got my "Avenue Q" ticket in the mail yesterday (which I purchased when I was pretty certain I'd go) and I'm thinking about selling it on ebay. :( STILL undecided about NYC in May - though if I have to think about it this hard, it's probably not a good idea. :P Looking more toward a July trip with my Mom for her birthday. I just don't know if I'm ready to give up the "Assassins" ticket I purchased for May just yet. :( :(

And I know this has been talked about on the theatre message boards already, but it's really sad... I can think of a lot worse things that teachers and parents at that middle school need to worry about - not the least of which is anything that may appear on network TV in the 7pm time-slot these days... :(
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