March 26th, 2004

Side Show

Lonely day at work...

It's Prince Kuhio Day or Kamehameha Day here in Hawaii (and I can never remember which one it is) - all I know is that everyone on the island has the day off except for us at the bank. :P The upside to this, however is that I got to work in 15 minutes today. :)

I was one of the only three people in our department who came in to work today! :P Everyone wanted to take off to be with their children and spouses who had the day off - so six people in our office took a vacation day. It was okay because I think all the reps in the field took the day off too because our phones hardly rang at all. At one point, I actually had to pick it up to make sure there was still a dial tone! :P

Been having some problems with Delta (which I won't bore everyone with). I'll just say that after some of my recent run ins with them, I'm definitely going to be changing my airline of choice. :P It's a shame that Aloha doesn't fly all the way to NYC! :(

And I think someone (possibly Kevin) has a virus on their computer. :( I got a few return emails from someone at Disney.Com and saying that an email that I had sent out of my email account was rejected due to banned content in an attachment. I virus scan everything going out and coming in to my email accounts and update my definitions religiously - and the last time I scanned for viruses, I didn't have any. Wonder whose computer was infected? :( I hope it wasn't Kevin's. :(

Better get back to studying! Hope everyone has a nice weekend! :)
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