March 27th, 2004

Nick DeGruccio

Right now...

...Sydney seems to be having a barking competition with a really small, scruffy dog walking around outside. It's just the excuse I needed for a study break. :)

The hot and humid weather has returned to the islands. After about a month of lovely "stay in and study" weather, we're back to the humid weather that's more fitting for this time of year. :P The cold weather was a welcome change and was great while it lasted. :)

Sydney doesn't seem to mind but will rush and stand inside the refrigerator whenever we open it (and won't get out!) and is back to hogging the air from all the fans like she did Collapse )

Mark & I went back to eat at Ruby Tuesday again today and got the same waitress as we did last weekend! It was a little embarrassing when she recognized us. "We love return customers," she told us - but she probably must've been thinking that we were nuts for going there two weekends in a row. ;) And yes, we finally tried the dessert this time and it was worth going back for! :)

I finally set up my new CD drive (those of you who have been reading my journal remember how the one that came with my computer crapped out on me a few months after I bought it...) I found some really old photos I had on several CDs and made icons with a few of them, including the Nick one above. ;)

Speaking of Nick - "1776" opens next weekend at Performance Riverside! :) I really wish I could be there to see it since Nick is my favorite director of all time (and it's one of my all time favorite musicals). I'm sure whoever is playing Rutledge will be outstanding, but I was so tickled when Nick told me that he had initially hoped Kevin would reprise the role for him. :)

Oh well, I'd better get back to the books! :P
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