March 29th, 2004

Nick DeGruccio

Must be the stress...

...of my upcoming exam, but my face is breaking out - BIG time! :P I've never had skin problems in high school and the only time I've had problems with acne was during my last term in college (due to the stress of trying to finish my grad show at Brooks). Other than that, I've never really had skin problems - until now that is... :P I'm sure it's a stress thing that'll clear up after Monday, but right now, I can play connect the dots all over my face! :( :P

Very few people showed up for work today - the folks who were off island on Friday enjoying their vacation day got stuck there longer than they expected to - due to a lot of fog that grounded the planes all weekend. :P I wouldn't mind being stranded on Lanai (at the Lodge at Koele) for a few days, though - how bad could that be? ;)

And maybe this is just an excuse so I can use my Nick icon again, but found such a WONDERFUL article on the production of "1776". :) I love reading about how well it's coming together, but it REALLY makes me sad that I won't be seeing it! :( *SIGH* It's such a shame that it happens to fall right in the middle of tax season! :(
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