April 4th, 2004

Sydney - couch

Mind mush, poor "Millie" dog, and daylight savings time?

Today I came to the realization that I can't worry too much about the exam - I have to trust that I've prepared myself enough over the last month for it. If I don't pass, I certainly gave it my best shot and it's a TOUGH exam, I have nothing to be ashamed of. I reviewed everything today and vowed I'd sleep at a decent hour. The exam is all the way in town and I'd have to fight morning traffic to make it there in time and I want to get there early. :)

I've never been so saddened by news of a dog's passing before. Darren Lee, who is currently on the "Millie" tour keeps a photo journal of the tour cities he's been through and one thing I always looked forward to was seeing what his cute dog, Yukido would be doing in the next city. I looked at his journal the other day, and found out that Yukido had passed away. :( I sent him a little email to let him know how sorry I was, and he was sweet enough to send a reply back. I'm still so sad for him, that dog was obviously such a huge part of his life. :(

And similar to roopunzel, I guess I've never fully been able to grasp the concept of daylight savings time and since it never really affects us here in Hawaii, all I usually have to remember is that the stock market is going to close an hour earlier come Monday morning and I have one hour LESS to place all my trades for the day. :P AND now we're SIX whole hours behind the East Coast! :( Talk about feeling out of the loop - when I get home from work at six, you all (in your Eastern time zones) will already be asleep. :( Unless you're starstruck113, then you'll probably be keeping the same hours as I do. ;)
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For those of you...

...who have noticed a new guy milling around here recently - please welcome my hubby Mark to LJ. :) He's fooj and he finally (after nine or so months of having a blank journal) decided to take the plunge and post his first entry. Welcome hubby! :)
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