April 9th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

I HATE tax season! :P

If I'm able to make it to the 15th without going completely insane (or without wanting to rip the eyebrows off a few of our reps) I'll have considered this tax season a success. :P We're currently in three of the busiest days for IRA deposits of the year (which means TONS of trades and paperwork, but hardly any fee to show for it) - and my co-worker and counterpart to my former job decided to take his vacation now. :P So I've had to do his job as well as my own these past few days while he's living it up at the Clay Aiken concert.

It's funny, but he refuses to admit to anyone that the concert was his reason for the trip. He told everyone that he's visiting his brother in Seattle and since he just happens to be there that weekend, he's going to see the Clay concert. Okay... Similar, I guess, to me being in NYC and just happening to get there just as Kevin got his role in "Millie". ;) Right now I think he's just in fandom denial ;) - I was that way for a while, but I stopped making excuses for my trips years ago. ;)

Had dinner last night with my friend Susan - who I haven't really talked with since Christmas. We discussed her upcoming wedding and made plans to look for dresses next weekend. :) I know she's been really pre-occupied with her new house being built and hasn't really had time to think about her wedding recently - but even still, she doesn't seem as excited as I thought she'd be... In fact, at times I think I'm more excited than she is about it. :P

Mark, Sydney, and I are going to go to the in-laws house on Easter Sunday for brunch. It'll be nice to see them since we really haven't seen them since the New Year. They're more excited about seeing Sydney, however. ;) It's sort of like, "It's nice that you guys can come - you ARE bringing Sydney, aren't you??" :D It's really sweet that Sydney's won over their hearts. :)

Aside from that, Mark & I are taking it easy this weekend. I've been so drained after work lately that I've been falling asleep before 9pm (which is why I haven't updated in days...) :P I'll probably just putter around with my websites this weekend, read some of my Series 24 book, and watch the John Tartaglia video over and over again. ;) *SIGH* I adore him! :)
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