April 12th, 2004

Side Show

I guess there are two good things that can be said about today!

1. It's over
2. And it's over ;)

No eyebrow ripping today - though it was very tempting... and though we were down to half a staff I think that we did a fairly good job of not going completely insane. :P We did get a little punchy toward the end of the day and I think everyone called another person in the office by the wrong name at least once today (wonder if it was due to all the stress?) :P All the wires that needed to leave left, all the trades that needed to be placed were placed, all the reps that needed to be yelled at were scolded... (thankfully not by me!) :)

Tomorrow my other two co-workers come back from their vacations so it shouldn't be too bad. I just can't believe it's still only Monday. :P

And I've been bad recently - I'm not really a McDonald's person, but ever since karmastyx was nice enough to tell me that they were giving out "The Dog" keychains there, I've been eating lunch out. I'm so addicted to "The Dog" items! I have a Golden Retriever, a Lab, a Beagle, and today I got a Pug. :) I've been wanting to get a Husky - which always makes me think of Amanda and her sled team. :) Too bad there's no Sheltie. :(

And nothing particularly "theatre" going on. :( I wish I hadn't canceled my May NYC trip... I've been listening to the "Assassins" OCR lately and I guess it was a good thing that Mark & I saw it in LA - because unless it extends another week, I won't get the chance to see it on Broadway. :(

Hope you all have a nice evening - I'm off to crawl into bed in anticipation of another fun-filled tax day tomorrow. ;)
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