April 17th, 2004


Wedding planning fun. :)

Just got back from a great shopping day with my friend Susan! We went looking for dresses for her upcoming wedding and thankfully we were able to find dresses that she really liked. :) She's wearing a traditional Japanese kimono for her actual wedding ceremony, but she needed a dress to wear for her reception. She finally decided on these two dresses:

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She was trying to decide between the lavender and the creme colored dress (in the same style) for her and decided to go with the lavender. :) She was worried that people would say it wasn't "traditional enough", but I told her that the main thing was that she was happy with it - it's HER wedding, after all. :) Who says the bride always has to wear white anyway? :) People told me (five years ago when I got married) that my bridesmaids shouldn't wear black (because it means they hate the bride or something silly like that), but I didn't listen and I think my bridesmaids looked wonderful that day. :)

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We went to eat at California Pizza Kitchen afterward and made plans to got shoe shopping next weekend. All her plans are starting to come together and I'm getting very excited for her! :) I'd better get my act together and start planning her bridal shower! :) I'm so excited, I love weddings! :)

And I ended up doing one of these:

I scored a 70% on the "How big of a theater geek are you?" Quizie! What about you?</b>

(which I usually don't do, but the questions were SO true to my life that I looked at it and couldn't NOT take it!) ;)
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