April 27th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

First of all...

...I have to say I have some of the best darn LJ friends around (if I do say so myself!) Your comments, emails, e-cards, etc. were so greatly appreciated and really touched my heart. Big *HUGS* to all of you! :)

Been spending a lot of my time at Curves recently (YAY!) and in the produce section of the market trying to cook and eat healthier. If anything, the past few days have made me more serious about getting back to a healthier lifestyle - which is a really good thing, no matter how I look at it. :)

Work has been okay - I hate the uncertainty of a new position and these first few days are very trying for me and my boss. The learning curve for my new job is pretty steep and I just hope he has the patience to see me through it.

And I've finally made some peace with the fact that I won't be going to NYC in May. Yes, I'm still a little sad that I won't be seeing "Assassins", although in my eyes nothing could compare to seeing Kevin in the LA version. After all my planning snags it just seemed that this trip was just not meant to be. :(

I'm still planning on going to NYC with my Mom in July - though I just found out from Susan Egan's website that she'll be out the weekend we'll be there. :( It might be interesting to see her understudy - since I've never seen an understudy go on as "Millie" the 10 times that I've seen the show (Yes, I've seen it 10 times...so far) :P I have, however, been very consistent in getting to see Jimmy understudies - I have no idea why. :P As long as I don't get a Graydon understudy, I'll be happy. :D

Hope you all have a nice evening. I'm off to finally try to get some sleep. *HUGS* to you all! :)
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Doug & Sheri

Too sleepy....

...I have some things I wanted to post, but I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to stay awake long enough to post it... I can't believe I used to survive on just a few hours of sleep in college - now I can't even stay awake to finish a silly LJ entry :P - it must be my old age. ;)

I've been working hard at planning Susan's bridal shower. Thanks so much to everyone who gave me such great game suggestions! :) I know they'll definitely come in handy. :) I've been busy calling around getting price quotes on various restaurants in town. My initial thought was L'Uraku because it's nice and trendy and I like the atmosphere, but the girl was rather rude to me on the phone when I called today so I may have to re-think it. :P I have a few other places in mind as well, so I'll probably check into those tomorrow.

I'm a bit closer to taking my Series 24 exam. I'm asking my boss to open a window so I can take it within the next 30 days. I'm not sure what it is - it's definitely not harder than the Series 7 - but somehow the exam feels harder to get through. I'm not sure if it's because I'm totally studied out from my 7 or if the material is just more boring... Hopefully I'll be able to pass it.

And lastly, I've been in a real "Kevin singing mood" lately. :) And although I love that he has a stable job in a great show like "Millie" - I have to say that I miss the opportunity to see him in multiple roles throughout the year like when he lived in LA. :( Graydon's a good role for him, but I REALLY miss him in dramatic roles (which is really his strength) - he just breaks your heart! *SIGH* Any chance of a "Parade" revival in about five or six years? Kevin would make a perfect Leo Frank! :)

Huh... I guess I made it to the end of this post. I'd better crawl into bed before I fall asleep on the keyboard... Hope everyone has a nice evening. :)
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