May 3rd, 2004

Stephanie & Kate Monster

Two new employees...

...started in our back office today. We're a pretty close group back there so I feel a little sorry for new people coming in. It's not that we're not welcoming or friendly or anything, but we've become sort of like family back there and it's hard to open up completely to someone new right away. The guy who started as our new financial analyst was pretty quiet and didn't seem too friendly, though. :( Hopefully he'll see we're not bad people and open up to us as time goes by. :)

The work problems I had been worrying about took me all morning (and into the afternoon) to try to resolve. I think I've fixed all but one of them (which will probably take me the entire day tomorrow to fix.) I think that I'll probably sleep a little better tonight, though now that most of them are resolved. I'm horrible that way - I just can't sleep if there's something that I'm really worried about. :P

Speaking of work, my boss wants us all in the back office to go with her and her children to the upcoming "American Idol" concert this summer. :) The funniest thing is that most of us who are interested in going are over 30. ;) I think that's what I love most about work - the people. :) I just feel so blessed to be able to work with people whose company I really enjoy. :)

And it's a shame that I missed this... It combines my two favorite things: musical theatre and Tyler Florence! :) BTW, Mark gets a kick out of watching me watch "Food 911" on TV because I'm always SO convinced that every woman with a "food emergency" is trying to hit on Tyler. :D But - my gosh - who wouldn't flirt with him the way he looks? :) *SIGH*

I'd better get back to studying, I hope you all have a nice evening!