May 5th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Slept really well last night...

...maybe a little too well. :P I woke up in a panic at 5:30 thinking for a second that it was the weekend (if only!). For some reason my alarm didn't go off at it's usual 4:30am - and more importantly, my internal alarm didn't get me up at 4am. :P It was a good thing that I ended up getting up at all.

My exam is scheduled for the 17th of this month. My bosses gave me the entire week prior to it off to study for it - which was REALLY nice of them! It's pretty important that I pass the test on my first try since my boss has had to do the brunt of my work this entire time - since I don't have my supervisory license yet. I'm sure he can't wait for me to pass the exam!

I'm sad. "Millie's" numbers recently have made me sad (they were down to 56.5% this week!) :( and I'm worried that it'll be closing. "Aida" announced its closing date (and although it's not one of my favorite shows - to put it kindly, it saddens me when ANY show closes its doors.) :( Hopefully "Millie's" numbers will pick up once the summer begins.

And on a last note before I rush off to work - Happy Boys Day to any men on my friends' list! :)
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