May 9th, 2004


Happy Mother's Day to all my LJ friends. :)

I did this last year in my journal, but this year my friends' list has expanded quite a bit. I hope I don't leave anyone out - but I wanted to wish some very special mothers on my LJ friends list a very Happy Mother's Day!

beam861 You are the Mom who has been on my friends' list the longest! Hope that Dave, Emily, Andrew, and Mortie :) treat you to a wonderful weekend. :)

irisheyes77 I know that you may not feel like celebrating today with everything going on, but I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day. Cameron is lucky to have such a sweet and caring mother like you! :)

roopunzel Happy Mother's Day Rita! Hope that you enjoyed your concert last night :D and that Fred and Erik treat you like a princess this weekend. :)

darlaree Hope you have a wonderful day and that you get to spend it with Carrie and Laura! :)

jlm1779 Happy Mother's Day Jen! Hope you have a wonderful day and get to spend lots of quality time with Camryn. :)

And.... because pets have always played a large role in my families of the past (and present), I have to add a very Happy Mother's Day to some other "mothers" (who still count to me..) ;)

sabine10 Lauser's Mom :)
counselortroi Michi's Mom :)
hubbaswuba Krystal's Mom :)
broadway_diva Lilith & Albertine's Mom :)
karmastyx Brock's Mom :)
kananigirl Miki's Mom :)
reelcowgirl Abby, Cougar, Panther, Luna, & Gabriella's Mom :)
carrieh Tessa's Mom :)
intootje Into's Mom :)
nikki42 Zander & Lucy's Mom :)
person958 Chip's Mom :)
hawaiianheart Misty's Mom. :)
i_am_angieface & claudelle I'm sorry I don't know your cats' names, but I've seen pictures of both and they're adorable. :)

And my deepest apologies if I've forgotten any mothers out there on my friend's list - you're all very special! Please have a nice weekend, everyone! :)
Side Show

Mother's Day, and Tony Anticipation..

We took Sydney and stopped by my Mom's place to surprise her with a flower arrangement today. :) She was very happy to see us and our visit totally took her by surprise. It was nice that we got to spend some time with her today - even though we're celebrating later when my in-laws come home from their trip, I didn't want the day to go by without at least seeing her. :) Here's a photo of her with the arrangement of flowers that we got for her:

Collapse )

I got a darling response from an e-card I sent to Julie Jackson this morning for Mother's Day. :) Aren't her children just the cutest? :) She has been SUCH a dear since I met her a few years ago! Sometimes I really miss the LA cast of "Side Show"... If it wasn't for the show and Kevin getting cast in it, I never would've gotten to know such wonderful, warm people like Julie, Nick, or even Misty. :) BTW, I have to go and see the new Ben Stiller / Jack Black movie "Envy" because Julie's daughter, Lily plays Jack Black's daughter in it. :) Special thanks to hubbaswuba for letting me know that it's out in theatres. :)

And to show you how pathetic I am... who in their right mind would stay up until 2:30am (Hawaii time) just to hear the Tony Nomination announcement live on the East Coast? And I'm sorry, but if I don't hear the names - John Tartaglia, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Idina Menzel, Stephanie Block, and Tyrone Giordano I'll be very sad. :(

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. :)
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