May 13th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Still pretty depressed...

...about the whole "Millie" thing, but I decided to take a more positive view on it. :) Thanks so much for your comments in my last post. :) I'm always sad when any show closes, but this one was especially close to my heart. :( It was just such a special show and I'm SO glad that I got the chance to see two different, wonderful actresses in the role of "Millie" - AND see Sutton's last performance - that's something I think I'll always treasure. :) I just wish it didn't have to put so many wonderful people out of work. :(

In non-Millie related news, my bosses have plans to send me up to Vacaville, CA to visit our home office and get some training soon. I'm not too sure when they plan to send me up, but they talked to me about it today. :) I googled the area and found one theatre nearby that won't be showing anything remotely theatrical in the time that I'll probably be there - Drat! Always nice to try to catch some good theatre after hours while I'm away - even on business. ;) My boss was also talking about a possible trip to the East Coast for NASD training in the fall - woo hoo! I love my job! :)

And in happier news - Found some information on the "Line of Fire's" finale. mslauren2930 was right, the first half of the episode deals with Julie's character. :) This is all SO great and at this point it's gravy - I think that I've already dealt with the possible cancellation of the show back in January so now that we're getting to see those last 2 episodes, it just seems like a gift. :) The series can end if it has to, it was a good show and it gave Julie a lot of exposure and in the end, I only want the best for her. :)

That being said, if anyone isn't doing anything on May 30th, and wants to see some GREAT talent (i.e. Julie Ann), please tune in to ABC. - This concludes my "Line of Fire" PSA. ;)

Hope you all have a nice evening!
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