May 16th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Gift Registries...

...are the most wonderful thing! For some reason, they aren't too common in Hawaii (I never registered when Mark & I got married - I barely remember if I knew that such a thing existed). I think it's probably because everyone usually gives monetary wedding gifts here - and rarely do couples feel the need to have to register.

We were really at a loss for what to buy Susan & Fredrick for their "family couple" shower tomorrow. In all the previous bridal showers that I've attended, I would buy lingerie or scrapbook/memory book items for wedding photos or something like that. But this is the first time that we're going to a couple shower and we had no idea what to buy! (And if it were up to Mark, he'd buy them a Playstation2 :P...)

Macy's Gift Registry to the rescue! :) It was great feeling to buy something that we knew they'd love. :) It was also really interesting because we could see which items were picked by Susan and which ones were probably picked by Fredrick. ;) As we went looking around Mark would say, "This has got to be another Fredrick choice!" ;)

In other news, our NYC plans are coming together quite well. :) Mark and I may meet up with gigglets and her hubby, Kevin that weekend for "Millie" - which would be wonderful! :) I purchased our "Assassins" tickets today (woo hoo!), but still can't decide between "Fiddler" and "Wonderful Town"...

I just looked at the date earlier and realized that it's the one year anniversary of the day Julie Ann's site went live. :) I can't believe that SO MUCH has happened for her in a year's time! I remember her email when she first saw the site that said, "I don't think I have a fan following like Kevin does." How cute is she? :) On the day that "Line of Fire" premiered her site received over 900 hits... I think she grossly underestimates her popularity! I just couldn't be happier for all her success this past year! :)

And for some reason I haven't been sleeping too well lately... I've had small battles with insomnia each night and then I wake up waaay to early and can't fall back asleep. Wonder why, though since all my test stress is done and I really haven't felt this stress free in months. :P
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