May 17th, 2004

Kevin - as Trevor Graydon in "Millie"

My brave hubby...

...just conquered a swarm of mega huge flying cockroaches to get me my bottled water from my car. What a sweetie he is! For some reason (probably all the humidity) the cockroaches have been collecting in our garage every night... Blech! The only thing I hate more than the flying cockroaches we have here is spiders. Ick! :P If I ever see those in our house, I'm moving back to Pearl City. :P

My love/hate relationship with Priceline continues... I can't seem to get a reasonable rate on a hotel in Manhattan for June (I know I shouldn't be too surprised about that.) :P I'm going to try quikbook, (which is a real rip-off, IMO), and cheap tickets before I give up and pay the standard (way-too-expensive-for-me) rate the hotel's website wants me to pay... :P Anyone else know of any other good hotel discount websites?

And recently I seem to have grown a semi-addiction to TV. Unfortunately, not to worthwhile TV that I wouldn't mind writing about (West Wing - which I adore but haven't seen in ages, or Joan of Arcadia - which I love because of Amber), but mindless trash that I'm too ashamed to admit that I watch. :P Last night I spent an hour watching a VH-1 special on celebrity cradle robbers... Blech! :P It was only one hour, but it was very mind-numbing...

As for my NYC show plans - I'm still pretty undecided on whether to see "Caroline, or Change", "Wonderful Town", or "Fiddler" this June. I'm kind of leaning toward "Caroline, or Change" and "Wonderful Town" - but I'm really not too sure. (And yes, we're planning on seeing "Millie" at least twice that weekend) :)

And lastly our big work "Taxbusters" party is coming up this Saturday so Mark & I will be able to lounge around a beautiful resort for the weekend. :) Definitely one of the perks for working at my job. :)

I'm off to hunt down a reasonable hotel for NY. :) Hope you all have a nice evening! :)
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