May 19th, 2004

Sydney - couch

Tickets... taking the bad with the good. :P

My morning started off horrendously... We have a right turn lane that begins at our intersection near our subdivision - no other cars can come into the lane before the intersection because the lane begins with our turn. I ALWAYS stop there at the light when it's red - ALWAYS... except, of course, this morning - when there was a police officer watching me. :P I did slow down, but apparently I didn't come to a complete stop. :( The result? A $77 ticket! :P Wah! :P I have to say that it was certainly my fault and I take full responsibility for it, but as the police was writing up my citation, I looked in my rear view mirror and counted at least ten cars that didn't stop at that intersection either. :P

Needless to say, I've been extra careful about obeying the speed limit and the traffic laws since this morning. (Not that I was bad before, but I ended up over-doing it a bit on the way to work). No sense trying to tempt fate. :P

Speaking of tickets - thankfully my day got MUCH better from there. :) I ended up getting tickets (the ones that make me happy!) :) for some shows that Mark & I are planning to see when we're in NYC in June. :) So far we have tickets to "Caroline, or Change", "Wonderful Town", "Assassins", and "Millie" (of course!) :) All we need are our "Avenue Q" tickets (which I haven't been able to find a discount code for yet) and we'll be all set! :)

And I seem to be in a constant state of "full" these days. :P I've just been eating waaay too much lately. :( At work, a lot of the mutual fund and annuity companies are sending down their internal wholesalers to attend our Taxbusters party this weekend. So they're all starting to stop by the back office to visit and drop off food for us. It's SO nice of them, but I think we've been eating non-stop since last week... it's getting rather ridiculous! ;)
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