June 1st, 2004


Mangoes, and other food babble...

I remember when I was young, about ten or eleven, summer always meant the start of mango season. Almost everyone in Hawaii had a mango tree and during the summer, neighbors and co-workers would go around giving each other shopping bags filled with mangoes... We had so many mangoes one year that my Mom bought another small refrigerator just to store them all. :) I always loved it, though because it meant mango bread and pickled mango for weeks. :)

Recently, it seems that no one has mango trees here anymore. :( Rare are the times when mangoes are given out - to anyone. Today, our back office staff came in to work to find a HUGE box of mangoes with a thank you note attached. One of our reps, who we've been helping all of last week, owns a mango farm and was nice enough to bring some in for us. :) We were all so excited, because a mango here has become as sought after as gold. ;)

Which reminds me - my in-laws brought back some VERY interesting things for us from their recent trip to Japan. Among the candies and the pastry type things, they brought back a Hokaido potato in a vacuum-packed bag WITH the butter already on it! They also brought back a bag of chocolate covered freeze dried corn... One wonders what goes through the mind of the people who market this! I have to admit that the chocolate covered corn wasn't as horrendous as some would think. It ended up tasting like a Nestle crunch bar... sort of... And for Mark - fried cheese... I know it's been a while since I've been to Japan, but really...

I've probably spent this entire post talking about food because I can't eat any... I'm still trying to stay on my healthy food kick. See what happens when I diet - my entries are only about food. ;)
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