June 6th, 2004


It's 3:30am...

...and I've already had a full night's sleep - what's up with that? :P I think I fell asleep somewhere between 5:30 and 6pm last night and didn't get up until 2am this morning. Apparently my sleep patterns have not improved since last week. :P

I got my hair done yesterday and I've been feeling a little self conscious. The highlights are A LOT lighter than I'm used to and now I look nothing like that cartoon icon I made a few days ago. :P I think I need to make another one with lighter hair. ;)

Susan's "bridal shower" lunch is this afternoon. It'll be completely informal - just a couple of us (her closest friends) will be having lunch in town and giving more "bridal" shower gifts than her previous family shower. We're going to L'Uraku and I think it'll be a lot of fun - not to mention the food there is excellent. :)

Speaking of food - the one horrible thing about being on a diet (Mark calls it "grazing" since he says I'm only eating grass...) is that everywhere I go I constantly crave unhealthy food. :P Yesterday when I was in the mall getting my hair done, I passed by the Cookie Corner. There was a chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookie that was screaming out my name... Luckily, I was strong enough not to listen to it. :) And as I was driving home, there seemed to be an unexplainable force that kept trying to pull me toward the California Pizza Kitchen in the far end of the mall... :P Dieting is completely depressing sometimes. :P

And tonight is the Tony Awards!! :D I feel a little far removed from it since the results will be known FAR in advance before our local station here will even start the telecast (I hate my "time zone challenged" state sometimes!) This year I want to try to be good and stay away from message boards and the internet so I can be surprised when I see the show... But, really - who am I kidding? As soon as 2pm rolls around here, I'll be refreshing ATC constantly to find out the winners. :P I'm so pathetic! :P

Hope you all have a nice day - I'm off to wrap Susan's shower gift. :)
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Sydney - happy

My wonderful day & Susan's shower...

...Susan's shower was so much fun! She didn't expect anyone else to be there (she just thought I was taking her to lunch) and when she saw Jackie sitting at the bar she was completely surprised. :) Jackie got Susan a pair of silk boxers (for Fredrick) and I got Susan a sweet, but seductive nightie. We had a great time talking about our men (their ears must've been burning all afternoon!) :) The food was just delicious (I decided to overlook my diet for just one meal!) and we all didn't want to go home after they took the check - but we took a few pictures and finally said good-bye to Jackie.

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Afterward, Susan & I went to Sephora so we could buy some make up (yikes!) for the wedding. I bought very few things (yes - I did remember the waterproof mascara! - Thanks Laura!) :) and it ended up costing me $58! Yikes! Now I know why I don't usually bother with make up - it literally costs a small fortune! :O

And the Tonys are over - at least on the East Coast - and I was a bad girl and found out the winners in advance (my telecast won't begin for another 2 and a half hours) :( Let's just say that I'm TOTALLY thrilled with the winners! :) I'll have to do another "Tony entry" later tonight after I've watched the telecast. :)

I'm off to read more theatre message boards! :) Hope you all had a nice Sunday! :)
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Stephanie & Kate Monster

Yay to Avenue Q...

...for winning this year's Tony for Best Musical! :D For once a show proved that it didn't need BIG name stars or a HUGE budget to win. :) I even started to tear when they announced them as the winners - even though I already knew (hours before) that they had won. Seeing John Tartaglia jump up in joy and seeing the entire cast run up on stage to hug each other was such a touching moment!

I loved their performance - except that I agree with Cristin, I was really upset with the camera crew too - WHY close in so tight on the shot and cut both Stephanie AND John out of the picture in their respective scenes? It was SO unnecessary - and really annoying. I thought it was cute how they censored Kate Monster, though - Mark had wondered what they were going to do with that line of the song. :)

After seeing the little snippet of their performance, I can't wait to see "Assassins!!!" The only complaint that I had is that their performance was way too short - I wish they would've performed something like "Another National Anthem" so we could get a better glimpse of each of the cast members rather than the couple of seconds of each that we got.

I couldn't be more excited to go on my trip to NYC in two weeks! I can't wait to see Avenue Q again with the original cast (before their contracts expire) and see "Assassins"!! :) The next two weeks can't go by fast enough!
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