June 11th, 2004

Sydney - couch


...was honestly THE WORST work day of my life. Yesterday my faith in people ended and I realized that my policy of thinking that everyone is honest and trustworthy until proven otherwise was not only naive, but very foolish as well. :( :( :( (But I will elaborate more in a Friends' Only post later...) :P

I was so depressed and disturbed about it that I when Mark met me at the mall after work I splurged and ate at Coldstone... :P Chocolate devotion... It was delicious, but the guilt (and the extra pounds) will stay with me for a while. ;)

On the MUCH happier side of the day, Susan's wedding rehearsal was last night and it was so touching! When we walked through the ceremony and the organist started to play "Here comes the bride" and Susan walked down the aisle, I started to tear! I'm going to be an absolute mess on Saturday! :P

Afterward we went to Sunset Grill for her rehearsal dinner. :) I was already VERY full from the Coldstone ice cream, so I didn't eat too much, though the food was really good. :) Susan gave me a beautiful necklace to wear on Saturday! It matches the dress perfectly! I'm SO excited for her - tomorrow she'll be a married woman! :)

I have to work today (everyone I know is off either for the National holiday - or because today was a state holiday anyway - it's Kamehameha Day, right roopunzel? :) I always get the two "State only" holidays mixed up. :P

Well, I'm off to work (and WHY one might ask since the stock market isn't even open today... exactly what can we all do at work today?) but I'll be back with my explanation to the above :( and a gushing post about the sweetness of Mr. Kevin Earley. :D
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