June 13th, 2004

Sydney - happy

Susan's Wedding! :)

Ah! It was just beautiful! :) When Susan walked down the aisle in her traditional Japanese kimono, I don't think there was a dry eye in the church - she looked absolutely radiant! The wedding ceremony went wonderfully - except that the Reverend forgot to bring Susan and Fredrick's vows - she ended up reading someone else's vows to them - and no one really knew except those of us who were close enough to hear her whisper (and Susan and Fredrick, of course!)

The reception at Kyoya Restaurant was very non-standard. Because it was held in a tatami room, we all had to remove our shoes before entering and sit on the floor. Unlike most Japanese style restaurants, this one had "leg-wells" where your legs could rest UNDER the floor. I'd never been in a room like that before. It certainly made the seating more comfortable for everyone, but it was sure hard to sit and stand in our dresses! :P

Because Susan's wedding was really small, there was no program, per se, but she did have a slide show and they did the cutting of the cake. :) The reception ended fairly early (at about 9:30pm or so) but Mark & I didn't get home until much later and ended up staying up to talk until about 3am this morning. I think even though we were both exhausted from the long day, we couldn't sleep because of all the residual excitement. :) I'm just so happy that I could've been a part of Susan's special day. :)

Here are a few photos that I took yesterday of the wedding:
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