June 22nd, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Some photos of NYC...

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I've now officially seen "Millie" twelve times on Broadway. :) I was thinking about it on my plane ride home yesterday and I've compiled a list -

    I did some calculations and it adds up to...

  • Hours spent inside the Marquis Theatre - Over 36
  • Dollars spent on tickets - Over $900
  • Total minutes waiting to exit the theatre because everyone has the need to block the aisles in the Marquis - Over 60
  • Escalator rides in the Marquis to get to and from the theatre - 60
  • Miles traveled to see the show - 25,000
  • Photos snapped at the stage door - Over 40
  • Minutes of video taken outside the stage door - Over 60
  • Minutes waiting to use the ladies room at intermission :P - Over 120 :P :P
  • Standing ovations given - 10
  • Number of times that we came in after the overture started... :P - 2...Ooops!
  • Number of different actresses seen as Millie - 2 (Sutton & Susan)
  • Number of different actors seen as Graydon - 3 (Marc, Chris, & Kevin)
  • Number of different actors seen as Jimmy - 4 (Gavin, Darren Ritchie, Christian, and Richard Roland)
  • Number of different actresses seen as Meersy - 3 (Harriet, Delta, and Terry Burrell)
  • Cast members I'd seen the most times - Alisa Klein, Tripp Hansen, and Amy Heggins (all 12 times for each of them!)
  • Shows that could ever replace "Millie" in my heart - NONE...
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