June 23rd, 2004

Sydney - couch

Sydney and thank goodness for happy endings. :)

I was halfway through the trades this morning when I realized, to my horror that I might've left the box of triple chocolate Kitkats that I bought at the Hershey's store in NYC in my suitcase at home... Not too bad, except that Sydney loves to nose through my things and has eaten things like crumbcakes and crackers out of my carry-on bag while I was away at work a lot. :(

The entire morning I was worried and cursing myself for being so stupid for NOT taking it out of my suitcase (even though the suitcase's lid was down and they were individually wrapped - my doggie is nothing if not tenacious - she'd make her way to the candy if she really wanted it...) I quickly finished up the morning trades and was set to go home on my lunch break to put it out of her reach.

I called Mark to let him know I was going to go home, and coincidently, he was on his way home too. His day had been very slow and his boss sent him home because no jobs had come in and there was nothing for him to do (which is good in this case, but VERY bad in any other...) He told me that he'd be home shortly and that I should turn around - there was no use in the both of us coming home.

Thankfully, Sydney hadn't bothered to try for the candy and Mark was able to put it somewhere out of her reach. I think that in my older age I'm getting way too worried about things like this... but I can't help it, Sydney will always be my baby and if something bad ever happened to her (especially if it was caused by my stupidity) I'd never forgive myself...

On a little cheerier note, "Millie" (yes, I know you're all probably sick about hearing about the show ;)) ended their run on a HIGH note, capacity-wise, which was the best news I could've heard the whole week. :) WOO HOO for happily ever afters! :)

And lastly, I was SO sad that I missed watching and taping "Avenue Q" on "Regis & Kelly" on Monday, but luckily there was a short video clip available (that I've been watching over and over - because I just adore John Tartaglia!) *SIGH*
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