June 28th, 2004

Stephanie & Kate Monster

First of all...

...thank you all so much for taking my quiz earlier! :) Everyone did extremely well (looking back, I think my questions were a lot harder than I had intended them to be - Ooops!) The first question was probably the hardest (since I haven't really spoken in detail about what I do at work - I just complain about it) ;) and the only one (aside from Mark) who got it correct was careleswhisper - Yay Carrie! :) EVERYONE got my favorite Broadway men correct (probably because I talk about them both to death on here!) ;) But thanks for taking the time to take it - you guys are the best! :)

Mark & I found out that his good friends from college are getting married in CA the same weekend we had planned to be there for Kevin's next show! :) Must be fate, I tell ya! :) It'll certainly save us a lot of money on airfare AND conserve a lot of vacation time so we won't have to make two trips out that way. :)

And I enrolled in my next web design class at CTA (yes, I'm still trying to take classes) I already paid for the entire set of classes last year so I might as well make use of them, but because they're during the day I had a hard time taking off a week at a time to take them recently (with my job change and tax season, etc.) It's the first week of August and hopefully my boss will be okay with me taking time off to attend it. I'm trying to wait a while to ask for vacation since I JUST got back from New York. :P I always feel so terrible asking for vacation - and I'm never too sure why - since I've worked all those years to earn it. I think I just feel bad that someone else will have to "cover" for me when I'm gone. :P

And on a completely separate note - why is it that no one's ever told me how cute "Dharma & Greg" is? I can't believe I only discovered it in re-runs last weekend in New York! It's such a cute and touching (which I adore) show! I think I'm addicted. :)
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