July 6th, 2004

Nick DeGruccio

Car problems, "Baby", and LA theatre.

This morning I knew I was in for a nightmare when I got into my car, turned the ignition and got a BIG nothing. :P Of course, it would have to happen on the day that I was running extremely late for work AND I had dinner plans with Susan. :( It turns out that my battery was dead (the car wouldn't even turn over) so Mark was nice enough to take me to work and Susan was nice enough to postpone our dinner plans. :P

After work we spent much of our time taking the car in and waiting for them to replace the battery. While we waited, we got a chance to walk around the mall, eat low-calorie sandwiches at Subway :), and go shopping for condiments for our new healthy diet. :) I may have been really annoyed that my car picked today to act up, but it was really nice to spend the evening at the mall with Mark. On a normal day we wouldn't think to spend time that way, but tonight was kind of nice - it was almost like being on a date. And it reminded me that I'd rather be doing nothing at all with Mark than almost anything with anyone else. :)

In non-car news, I can't seem to get the songs from "Baby" out of my head. I love the CD so much that it's been a constant in my car ever since I came home from NYC. I just wish I had seen Julie Jackson play Lizzie - or Norm Lewis at Papermill. *SIGH*

Speaking of which, Nick's "Side by Side" is going to open at the Rubicon Theatre in a few weeks. I'm so sad that I'm missing all of his shows. :( I just hope that he'll be directing something in October when Mark & I are up there again.

And lately I've been missing LA a lot! :( I miss my friends, the theatre there, the people, Trader Joe's, the scary drivers on the freeways,... just everything! One year was much too long to have been away and though I love traveling to NYC, nothing can really beat LA and the people and the theatre there.

I'm off to crawl into bed. Hope you're all having a nice week.
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