July 17th, 2004


Hurray for small victories! ;)

The other day I actually fit into a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to wear for years! :) I was so happy about it and it really made me feel like all this healthy eating and working out isn't all for nothing. :)

Speaking of which, I'm completely addicted to white nectarines. We have the greatest white nectarines in the market near our house (they're so sweet!) and I've been eating at least one of them each day. It's funny how I've stopped craving unhealthy snacks and will now crave things like fruits (what a HUGE change for me!)

Mark seems to be doing pretty well with all of this dieting & exercising too. :) He's been constantly impressing me with his willingness to do the workout video with me each night (I honestly didn't think he had it in him). And after just two weeks, I can see a HUGE change in his physique. :)

In other news, Priceline hates me. :P I haven't been able to get an air fare through Priceline since February. October doesn't seem like a high volume month for airlines, I can't believe that the fares are so high. :( I've tried Orbitz, Hotwire, and Cheap Tickets too, with absolutely no luck. :( Does anyone know of any other site that deals with discounted airfares?

In theatre news - tomorrow "Assassins" closes on Broadway. :( It did have a great run (longer than expected) and it did win a bunch of very well-deserved Tonys - but it makes me sad to see any quality show close on Broadway. :( I'm just so thankful that I was able to see it before it closed - and I can't wait for the cast recording to come out in August. :)

Mark got a "Mad About You" DVD in a box of Total cereal that he bought last week. I think I'm going to settle in with the fuzzy dog and watch it. :) Hope you all have a nice evening. :)