July 18th, 2004

Side Show

Okay, so I take back...

...every bad thought I've ever had about Priceline. :) Today I was able to get RT tickets for our October trip for $253. :) So it isn't on a "major" airline and we have to leave at noon - I'm just happy we found fares that we could afford. :)

And thanks to a GREAT seating tip on ATC, I was able to buy Row E tickets to Kevin's next show on Wednesday night for a high, but relatively good price. It's ridiculous that the seats they're offering online are Row A, but are priced at $40 more - and they're just 4 rows below the seats that I got! :P I'm still holding off on buying my tickets for the Sunday matinee in case anyone wants to come with us (hint, hint anyone out there) ;)

I still have to decide on other shows to see that weekend. Unfortunately the Colony Theatre is dark that weekend (it's become my favorite theatre in LA since seeing Side Show there two years ago...) as is the Ahmanson and Performance Riverside. :( I'm hoping that Nick will be directing something nearby so I can finally make it to one of his shows this year. :)

In non-theatre news, Mark's birthday is next week and I've been trying to find a nice place to take him that night. I think one night off our diets for a special occasion like that can't hurt. :) I was thinking of either taking him to Chai's Bistro in the Aloha Tower or Roy's... Both are great places with great food - I guess I have some time to decide. :)

And so another weekend comes to an end. :P I swear it seems the weekends are going by faster and faster - and I always start them with big plans to do things around the house (or with my web sites) and every Sunday night I wonder where all the time went. :P Hope you all have a great start to your week - I'm off to gather the hubby for the exercise video. :)