July 22nd, 2004

Stephanie & Kate Monster

Poor hubby... ;)

Mark is too funny! :D This morning he woke up and told me he was having strange food dreams. He said that he had a dream that he was at a McDonald's buffet. Haha! :D He must be suffering unhealthy food withdrawals! ;) It's been almost a month since he's had fast food and that must be a record for him! :D

And now I wish I'd seen "The Apprentice" last season... One of my friends went to the interview that was held here in Hawaii for next season. Surprisingly he said there were only about a hundred people in line when he got there - most of them fresh out of college. He said they'll let him know the results soon - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him! :)

And Sydney must be disappointed by our healthier eating trend recently. She hasn't been begging for food like she used to. I think she's come to realize that the food we've been eating recently isn't half as fun to beg for anymore. ;)

Better run to work since I'm running late. :P Hope you all have a great day! :)
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Nick DeGruccio

"Sure, the mailman won the lottery..."

I was doing such a good job of saving money for our upcoming LA trip when I saw this tonight and just had to buy it. :P My will power is absolutely mush when it comes to theatre - I'm so pathetic! :P

Speaking of money issues - Mark & I did a lot of talking today about our plans to buy my in-laws house. My in laws will probably be ready to move into a new condo within the next two years or so. That gives us a little bit of time to fix up our place so we can put it on the market and save some money for a down payment. All in all it'll be better, since our place is SO small, so far away from everything - and their house is SO close to my Mom's house (and I worry about her because she lives alone.)

On a food note, I made reservations for Chai's Island Bistro for Mark's birthday dinner next week. :) The menu looks absolutely delicious! I hope Mark likes it there - I can't wait! :) It'll be a great way to break our diet for a night. :)

Finally, Nick's "Side By Side" opened tonight at the Rubicon Theatre. :) I'm so happy that he's had so much success recently in all his directing ventures - I just wish he'd entertain the idea of going back to performing - since he's an incredible comedic talent on stage! He's definitely one of the main reasons I miss LA theatre so much!
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