August 3rd, 2004

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My silly car dilemma...

...Today was the first day that I realized I should never take trivial little things (like car windows closing) for granted. Sounds really stupid, but the motor on my power window broke on me during my lunch break at school. :P I suppose I could've left my car there with the window wide open but in that neighborhood it would've been like a HUGE neon sign that said "Steal everything that's in me!" :P

So, I drove down to the dealership near my school hoping they could look at it and maybe see if it could be fixed so I could at least salvage a portion of the day... No luck! There was a 7 to 10 day wait just to get me into their "computer system" so I could have my car looked at. :P The guy in the service department was extremely rude too - he had a "what do you want to me to do? Act like I care?" attitude. :P

So I called my instructor and told him I was having car problems and wouldn't be back for the second half of the class. He was really upset, though since I was his only student this term - he really didn't have a class to teach today. :( I really felt bad about it - and was too embarrassed to tell him exactly what kind of car problems I was having. :P I ended up driving my car across town to the dealership where I purchased it.

I felt really stupid telling them my huge car problem was a power window that wouldn't close - how lame is that? :P But they were really nice, very funny, and made me feel much better about the whole thing. :) The best part? My car doesn't have 36,000 miles on it yet, so it was still under warranty! :D That NEVER happens to me! I always just miss it by a month or something. :P

It was actually a blessing in disguise that the other dealership was so rude to me. If they had taken a look at my car and had fixed the motor on the window, I was looking at paying about $450. :P So hurray for rudeness today, I guess. ;)

In other news, I strained a muscle on my left side tonight working out. :( Mark had to yell at me to stop exercising because I can be really hard headed (nah, me?) ;) at times and I was set on doing the whole workout even though I was in pain. :P Tomorrow might have to be a day of rest for me. :P

Hope you all have a nice evening - I'm off to crawl into the shower. :P
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