August 4th, 2004


Tons and tons of rain!

It took me nearly two hours to get to school this morning - the traffic was just horrendous! It seems that once it starts raining, people here forget how to drive. :P And I guess after my disappearance yesterday, my instructor was probably thinking that I wasn't going to show up at all. Speaking of which, I'm SO glad that I got my stupid window fixed yesterday! I can just imagine the puddles of water in my front seat if I still couldn't get my silly power window up. :P

Class was great today! I'm in complete and total Dreamweaver bliss! :) After seeing all the things that Dreamweaver can do, I'm more convinced than ever that I need to reconstruct all my sites in it... It's almost September anyhow and every September I try to do a facelift of Kevin's site. I think it'll all depend on how much motivation (and time) I have between now and September, though. With 100 plus pages, it's not exactly a small task! :P

I took a day off from working out tonight due to my pulled muscle yesterday. Thanks for all your nice wishes, I feel much better - but I didn't want to tempt fate and risk straining it even more. I'll be back to my usual workout schedule tomorrow, though - I'm already starting to feel guilty. :P

And for some reason Sydney's been extremely barky lately - which is odd because she hardly ever barks. There doesn't seem to be anyone walking outside (especially this late at night) and she's not the type to bark for no reason. The only time she ever barks is when the phone rings (she hates our evil phones!) :P and when my alarm clock goes off and I'm not upstairs (she'll actually run upstairs, come back down and bark at me as if to tell me, "Hey Mom - turn that darn thing off!" ;)

Which reminds me, I have one last question for the married folks on my friends list. What do you call your in-laws? Do you call them Mom/Dad?... By their first names?... Hey you? ;) Just curious since after almost six years of marriage, I still found myself calling my mother in law, Mrs. Fujimoto the other day. :P
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