August 5th, 2004

Side Show

I've officially gone over... the "dark side"... ;) I spent the entire morning today in class learning Flash and... I really like it. :P The file sizes are SO small and there's SO many graphic possibilities - I feel like I've sold out though - since I've always been very vocal about my ambivalence for Flash in sites... I'm going to install it on my computer this weekend and fuss around with it. I still don't think I'd ever use any Flash elements on any of my sites, but I am having a fun time playing around with it. :)

Speaking of class, my last day is tomorrow. It's seems like these past few days have just flown by - it doesn't seem like I've been away from the office for a week. I've also been trying really hard to get all the gift scrapbooks done for my three co-workers before next week Tuesday. I think I'm running out of time - I've even resorted to taking my things with me and cutting out stencils and letters in my car during the breaks in my class. I hope I'll be able to get them all done in time!

And I finally feel like I'm back on track, workout wise. :) I felt a little sluggish today because I didn't work out yesterday, but I think the rest was for the better. Mark's been eating his scrapple (blech!) lately in small quantities and has been balking a bit about the workout video - I think the honeymoon's over for him. ;P

On a last theatre note... NO! :( At least I got to see it - with Tonya Pinkins... Quality shows are so hard to come by these days. :( It just breaks my heart. :( Everything's closing! :(