August 8th, 2004

Sydney - happy

Scrapbooks, "West Wing", and Dogster.Com

Spent almost all of my day working on completing the gift scrapbooks for my co-workers. I'm about a third of the way there - and hopefully I'll be able to finish them in time (Tuesday's my deadline!) :P I love creating scrapbooks, but I'd forgotten just how time-consuming it was!

While I worked on them, I managed to watch almost half of the first season of "West Wing" on DVD. :) I'm completely in love with the show! I love the writing - which is extremely witty & intelligent and very touching at times... And I suppose it helps that the show is politically slanted in my direction. ;) My favorite episode is the "Census" episode (I believe it's called "Mr. Willis of Ohio") and I was SO happy to see that it was included on the DVD that I have. :)

And after hearing about Dogster.Com from carrieh (thanks, Carrie!), I finally got around to registering Sydney. :) It's a cute idea, kind of like Friendster, but for our lovable pets. I made Sydney a Dogster web page of her own, here:

If your dog is registered at Dogster, please let me know so I can add them to Sydney's friend list. :)

Well, I'm off to grab the fuzzy dog and crawl into bed. Hope you're all having a nice weekend. :)
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The scrapbooks are almost done! :) Thank you all for the nice wishes and the words of encouragement on them, I think I will be able to get them all done on time. :)

Sydney just loves to bother me when I'm working on them, though. :) The funniest thing is that every once in a while I'd find little nose prints on pieces of my scrapbook paper. :) Every time I'd look over at Sydney she'd look at me innocently as if to say, "I didn't do it!" Well, today - I found a wet nose print on a piece of scrap paper and I turned to look at her and she had the same innocent look on her face,... except she had a tiny piece of the scrap paper stuck to her nose. :D Aha! Poor doggie was caught in the act! ;)

Tomorrow Mark & I start week 5 of our diet / work out plan. :) I was SO excited today that I actually was able to fit comfortably in a size 7! I haven't been able to wear my size 7 clothes in years! :P And to think just 5 weeks ago, I was wearing clothes that were two sizes larger... :P I can't believe how drastically our lives have changed - I haven't craved junk food in such a long time! Even Mark commented that he needs to buy new jeans because his are way too loose now! :)

For some reason I'm SO un-enthused about going back to work tomorrow. I know that I've been gone for a week and I really do love my job, but somehow the thought that my next vacation won't be for another three months or so is feeling a little mind-numbing. And while I was gone we had a new worker start in our office. I always seem to be away on vacation whenever the new hires start. :P

And finally, I think I may have misplaced one of my mini-discs. :( I looked in all the normal places it would be, but it's not there. :P I'm going to have to go through everything on my desk again and in my car and if I don't find it - I think I know where I might've left it. :P I'm hoping I didn't, but it's possible that I left it in the seat pocket of one of the planes I road - or worse, one of the hotels... :( But, I'm not going to panic yet (because there are SO many things in this room - it could be anywhere) - at least until after I've cleaned everything out. :P