August 11th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Work was very hectic today...

...without my co-worker - and I realized that if I was ever hired to do her job, I'd probably be fired right away! ;) As I was trying to juggle three people calling on different lines, I forgot which line everyone was on and inadvertantly disconnected one of our reps. Ooops! It's a good thing that they generally try to keep me away from the phones (remember my 911 incident a few months back?) ;) - I really admire my co-worker for the way she used to keep our office together, I could never do her job.

Today I received my CIW web study books (I scheduled my test for the 18th of Semptember) from Amazon.Com. :) The order arrived and it was correct, ON TIME, and shipping was free. :) After my particularly awful experience with Amazon.Com a couple of years ago, I vowed never to order anything from them again. Luckily my addiction to theatre got the better of me and I started to use their services again. So far there haven't been any problems with my orders and I'm very thankful! :)

And yay to Kevin for getting some publicity for "Ten Commandments!" :) This came out last week, but between school, my silly car window problems, and my Sydney appreciation I didn't get the chance to see this until today. I have to say, something about his eyes in this particular headshot gets to me each time I see it. :) I really like it because they're lit so well they give the feel of his beautiful blue eyes. :) And finally,... it's almost 2005 - I think it's time for Kevin to get a new set of shots. ;) But knowing him and how much he hates taking photos, I won't hold my breath. ;)

Well, I'd better hit the shower and get into bed since I'm actually falling asleep trying to finish this entry. :P Hope you all have a nice evening!