August 24th, 2004

Sydney is...

Pet love...

Spent most of the day trying to help my co-worker find a home for her cat. She'll be moving to Las Vegas in two weeks and needs to find someone to take in Collapse ) but so far hasn't had any luck. :( If she can't find someone to take him in by next week, she'll have no choice but to take him to the Humane Society. The really sad part about it is that she'd love to take him with her but the embargo dates on Hawaiian Air don't start until after the middle of October (they said it was just too hot to carry pets in cargo until then) :( And even after she gets there - she's planning to stay with family who aren't really too fond of pets in their place. :(

I asked everyone I knew, but no luck. :( I'd definitely take him in at my place, but the last time we brought another animal into the house, poor Sydney had so much anxiety that she got physically ill and we ended up having to give the puppy away to my Mom... :P So it's probably not a good idea for us. :( I've also been trying to search online for No Kill animal shelters in Hawaii that she could possibly take him to - and I found two, but neither of them is accepting any new animals. :( I just hate to think that her cat might end up at the Humane Society and possibly not get adopted - that's just heart-breaking. :( Hopefully she'll be able to find someone between now and when she leaves!

Speaking of pets, I fell asleep for a little while this evening on the floor and when I woke up, ALL of Sydney's toys were around me. :) She must've been annoyed that I wasn't any fun tonight and thought if she just brought the right toy, I'd play with her. :) It's happened once before when she was really ill - I used to sleep on the floor to be next to her since she was too weak to get on the bed - and the day that she brought me all her toys was the day that I knew she was starting to feel better. :)

I've been thinking a lot about her and how lucky we've been to have all this extra time with her recently. It's almost been a year since she was ill and the vet told us there was nothing they could do for her. I'm so glad that we never gave up on her and didn't listen to them - since she's healthier than she's ever been and will hopefully enjoy a loooong happy life. I honestly don't know what I'd ever do without her!

I'm off to HUG my dog and grab a shower - if you know of anyone who lives in Hawaii who'd like the company of a lovable and affectionate cat, please email me. :) Hope everyone has a great evening!
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