August 26th, 2004

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Lots of traveling!

My boss asked me today if I'd attend the Fall Securities Conference for him in Palm Springs in October. :) I was so excited when he told me because I love the Palm Springs area! :) And the conference looks REALLY interesting - I could really use the formal training. The really convenient thing is that I was supposed to be on vacation with Mark in LA until Oct 11th, but the conference starts on Oct 13th - so I'm going to stay up there and drive to Palm Springs. :) I think it ends up working out really well since they can save money on my airfare.

They even said I could stay the extra weekend and return home on the 17th. :) Which means I can see a few more shows! :) Sadly, Julie's "Side By Side" at Pasadena Playhouse doesn't have a Friday night OR Saturday show that weekend - so that's out. :( I'll probably try to see the Saturday matinee of "Ten Commandments" :) and maybe a show at The Colony Theatre. :) Too bad that there's nothing playing at the McCallum Theatre that week in Palm Desert - it's only 7 miles from my conference hotel.

Aside from all the good things about this, it also means that poor Mark will have to fly home all by himself. :( I know that'll probably give him more traveling anxiety, but hopefully he'll be okay. And when I think about it - that's kind of a long time to be gone from home. Two weeks without seeing Sydney :( - one without seeing Mark :( - two weeks without the internet. I'll probably have to hit a Kinkos or something in Burbank since two weeks is unheard of for me to go without getting online - I'm so pathetic. :P

Hopefully there are healthy eating places that I can go to up there so I can actually try to maintain my diet while I'm away (as if I really can!) :P Can any of you who live in CA suggest some healthy places to eat that I can look in to?

And to think that my boss wanted to send me up to Vacaville for a week AFTER the conference... I'd never get to come home! :P