August 28th, 2004


Unconditional puppy love...

Spent the morning with Mark at Borders as he tried to look for the second season of "Andromeda" on DVD. While we were there we ran into the Grand Opening of a Starbucks and Jamba Juice next door. Got some free Mango-A-Go-Go samples and won coupons for $1 off Jamba Juice. Pretty good considering we didn't even know it was going on. :) Besides, I know the coupon will come in handy since I'm completely addicted to Jamba Juice! :)

We also noticed that Sydney was acting a little strange after dinner. She wouldn't let us pet her head and kept sneezing/coughing when we did. She usually does that sneeze/cough when she's in pain so it got us pretty worried. :( She seemed to act fine in every other respect, though and wagged her tail, and brought her toys so we could play with her - but the entire evening she wouldn't let us touch her head. Mark thinks she might've had a headache - but I don't know... do dogs get headaches? :P

Anyway, I just checked on her now and she seems to be a bit better. Some may think we overact when it comes to Sydney, but after what happened last year, we're afraid of everything out of the ordinary now. :P We certainly don't want to take any chances when it comes to her health!

Speaking of dogs, while I was waiting for Mark in Borders, I happened to read the story of "Hatchiko" a faithful dog in Japan who waited for his master to come home from work everyday at the train station. One day his master unexpectedly died of heart failure and never returned to the train station - but Hatchiko still waited for him to show up. Every day until his death about 10 years later, Hatchiko went back to the station to wait for his master, still expecting him to come home. :( What a heart-breaking story! Probably the most amazing part is that it's true - they've even put up a bronzed statue of Hatchiko in the station where he used to wait everyday. :( I couldn't believe that I almost began tearing in the middle of Borders when I read that - there is just something SO special about the unconditional love and faithfulness of a dog that is just so touching. But, you know me - I'm a HUGE sap when it comes to dogs.

I'm off to give some attention to my fuzzy dog. :) Please, if any of you on my friends' list owns a dog, please give them all a big *HUG* from me today.
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