September 5th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Spending the day with the in-laws...

...We actually had a really nice lunch today at the in-laws house and though we broke our diets a bit, it was really worth it because the food was excellent. :) Sydney, as always, was the star of the afternoon - nosing her way around the house and running around sniffing all of Mark's relatives. :) I think they all enjoy seeing her more than they do us. :)

After lunch, Mark & I dropped off Sydney at home and headed for Costco to look at microwave ovens again (remember we were looking to buy a new one last year? - Well, that never happened...) And unfortunately, it didn't happen today either. Our old one isn't broken, but it's really old and probably on its last legs - so we're going to need a new one soon. Maybe on our next Costco trip. :P I did end up buying a case of Pho - which I've discovered is a healthier (only 3 grams of fat) and tastier alternative to some of the instant noodles I used to buy. :)

Tomorrow Mark & I are planning to go to the humane society. I wanted to see if Marvin was still there and if he was doing alright... I'm really sad that my co-worker had to give him up and my hope is that when we go tomorrow, he'll already have been adopted. :) That way I could give her some happy news when she asks about him. :) We're also going to check out the off leash dog park there so we can possibly bring Sydney back with us next time. :)

And I've been looking everywhere for discount codes for "Ten Commandments." I know there are some floating around and I'm determined to find them... The asking price for the tickets are waaay too high for me - even to see Kevin.
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