September 9th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Mixed day of mixed emotions.

Kind of an anniversary of sorts... Exactly three years ago today I met Kevin. It was at the stage door of "1776" and honestly, my life has never been quite the same since. It was because of Kevin that I began my love of web site building (his was the first site that I attempted to create - not because I enjoyed building web sites, but because I thought he should have a site of his own), introduced me to MANY wonderful theatre people (all of whom I would never have met if it hadn't been for him) and began three years of incredible theatre memories. :)

It was also that very day, three years ago that the photo on my user info page was taken. :) Little did I know then that it would be just the beginning of MANY more wonderful memories to come. :)

Been listening recently to some old reminders of just why I adore Kevin's voice so much... Sometimes I wonder if I'll eventually grow tired of going to see his shows. In my current job, traveling and taking vacations hasn't been as easy for me as it once was and sometimes I think that I'm getting too old for all this traveling...

Well, it's three years, ten shows, and three concerts later and surprisingly I'm still as excited to see him on stage as I was when I first heard him sing. :) I may have initially become a fan of his because of his incredible voice, but over the years that I've known him, I've come to realize what a wonderful, warm, and generous person he really is (though I still think he has a potty mouth ;) - he swears way too much - just kidding, of course) ;). He once told me that as long as I could still type he wanted me to run his fan site because he never wanted to get rid of me. :) Which works out perfectly since he's not getting rid of me that easily. ;)

*SIGH* Is it October yet? :P

On a completely different, extremely sad note - I found out some very shocking family news, my cousin's husband recently passed away. :( It's really sad since they have a 5 year old daughter and were really just starting their lives together. :( I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose your spouse at such a young age - if something ever happened to Mark, I'd be a complete wreck. :( Sadly, I never really got to know him too well, but I really feel for my cousin and her daughter - how awful it must be for them. :(