September 13th, 2004

Doug & Sheri

Shall I start making NYC travel plans? ;)

After a lot of talk and speculation on everyone's part, there was finally an article in Playbill.Com today about "Ten Commandments" moving to Radio City Music Hall in January. :) It's been talked about for so long as a possibility - but it's finally become a reality with 38 performances beginning Jan 18th. I'm very excited about it since I love going in to the city and there are SO many shows opening between now and then that I wanted to get to see. It also seems very fitting since all of Kevin's shows happen to debut in the coldest months of the year. :P Only Kevin could drag me out of my 80 degree weather in the DEAD of winter. ;)

I asked him earlier if this was the start of the "National Tour" that they keep mentioning in news articles, but he says it'll all depend on how well the LA run does. I'm completely happy and excited for him. And on a more practical note... I'll certainly start to rack up the frequent flier miles if that happens. :P But I could finally travel to places other than just NYC and LA - for a change. :)

Speaking of the show, I've been going to the Official Ten Commandments site all weekend in the hopes of seeing an update - they are SO close to putting up the cast bios. :P I just looked at it last night and they finally have the principals' headshots up on the site. :) The little boy (Darian Weiss) who plays Kevin's son is SO cute. Alisan Porter (who was Curly Sue in the movie "Curly Sue") looks a lot different all grown up - I had no idea she did theatre. Lauren Kennedy looks stunning, as always and I was interested in seeing Nick Rodriguez since Kevin had told me about him when I saw him in NYC in June. The cast looks really good. :)

The show opens for previews on Saturday. :) I'm still crossing my fingers that the first reports will be favorable.

Sorry about the heavy influx of Kevin posts recently. I'm just excited for him that the show is opening so soon. Thanks for putting up with all of my Kevin talk recently. :P
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